Gestaltzerfall of body/ 2017


塊然の球根、浮動心皮 心臓 天竺大工房の陶磁器


天竺歴史的瞬間 wink breathingly 揺さぶられる妊婦 breathingly 他律の自立 エクステンション united



天竺物語2016 天竺物語2015 天竺物語2013_2014


※A new window opens

「他律の自立」/ Independence of the heteronomy

h150×w300×d900(mm) 16ピースの整列/ Standing in line of 16 pieces

Position of mind is still not elucidated. Position of feeling is also not elucidated. Stimulations from surroundings move your feeling, and your mind would move your body. I have a doubt about that I think I own my body. Then I start questioning about a border of myself and a position of mind in my body. Is my mind in my cells, in my brain, or in my heart? Well, there should not be the ultimate answer to my question. However, I came up with a keyword “coexistence”.Living things’ basic activities are conducted with coexisting body and mind. There should be development in the society, if multi kinds of being living in a box. The keyword “coexistence” always exists in the creation of the earth, in cells, in human societies, or even in neighborhood activities.“coexistence” is a system which exist everywhere on the earth. There is my mind “I” in my body coexisting with a lot kinds of something. “I” am consisted of those coexistences.